askλurself is a modern menswear label combining classic minimalism with the silhouettes of different streetstyles. The Y symbolizes a connection between the words ask and yourself. But with the Y being upside down, it also expresses exclusivity and the mentality of being different from anybody else. Still, you got to question yourself of being different is reconcilable with your identity: askλurself.

The spelling of `yurself` with a missing `o` reflects individuality and uniqueness without losing the words meaning. Everyone is different, a gift every human being gets. askλurself or aλ stands for the expression of individuality, uniqueness and yourself. Our message is that there is no need to justify yourself, that there is no need to explain who you are. We thrive on the idea of respecting each and every individual for all their unique qualities: Everyone is special. Everyone is different. 

There are some more questions people might have about the materials and designs we use. We want you to answer these questions, try to find the answer(s) and make your decision, it´s an everyday-situation. You will always ask yourself some questions about something new or unknown that will give you more knowledge. The world is designed to change, including you, asking yourself is the necessary element for self-development.

The collection is divided into three categories. The basic and the seasonal line as well as the exclusive/selective line. The pieces of the seasonal and exclusive/selective pieces line are only available to a limited extent.





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