Modern upscale streetwear label combining classic minimalism with silhouettes of different genres. With a vision of creating a world with its own authenticity by focusing on how to create the perfect piece, askyurself tries to express exclusivity by developing quality and comfort fabrics.

The collections are partitioned in verses like poems. The verses are interrelated and constructs the brand. God created men, and with this gift of creation he gave us the chance to tell and leave behind our own story.

The y symbolizes a connection between the word ask and yourself. With the y being upside down the brand expresses the mentality of being different from anybody else. Still, you got to question yourself of being different is reconcilable with your identity. Yurself with a missing ´o´ reflects individuality and uniqueness without losing the words meaning. Asking yourself is a necessary element for self-development.

`growing up with a persistence in the belief in „creating that remains“, has always been the idea, which has driven me in life. Always inspired by sports and different cultures, i was able to express myself and my vision through fashion´
Chris neu, founder